Terms & Conditions


**Custom orders are not put into the books until paid for. No exceptions.

**All custom orders are final once paid for.

**There will be NO REFUNDS ON CUSTOM orders.

** NO REFUNDS... Exchange ONLY on Stock items. Item must be unused and in original condition.

**Exchanges must be made within 10 days of purchasing the item.

**All Discounted/Sale/Auctions items are FINAL sales and are AS IS.

**Store Credit expires after 3 months unless otherwise communicated. 

**When ordering a Cowhide bag keep in mind that over time it is normal to have some shedding.

** Avoid friction due to direct contact with the cowhide. Bald spots will develop if there is constant friction against the hide. This is 100% normal and to be expected with heavy use. Avoid constant friction and overloading to help prevent this from happening to your bag.

**We are not responsible for wear and tear due to friction and overloading etc.

**Please note that heated branding can cause discoloration of excess hide. We do recommend that if heated branding is to be used on hides that you choose a shorter haired hide for your item. We are Not Responsible for the discoloration of the hide, because it is a natural process.

**If there is a flaw in the bag that we can fix that is a result of our construction we will be happy to work with you to get that fixed.

**Any future repairs you wish to have done to your bag that are a result of wear, not our construction, will incur a minimum service charge of $50 and customer is responsible for shipping charges to us.

** No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied in the sale of our bags.

** Shipping Charges are non-refundable and customers are responsible for cost of return shipment for repairs unless it .

**We generally have about 60-90 days turnaround on custom bags (on orders placed before August 15). On order placed after the August 15, please allow 90-120 days for your custom order to be shipped, as numbers of orders tend to increase and make wait time extended. Please be patient with us as this time frame can vary depending on the number of bags ahead of you when you order, especially around the holiday seasons.

**ALL Custom Cowhide orders will ship with in 2-3 weeks of shipping, where as they are imported into the US. 

**ALL Wholesale Orders are Final, but may be changed once in the books in the exchange for other items. For any reason, that the order is changed the leftover balance remaining will be credited to your wholesale account and used on your next order. 

**All items maybe exchanged for other items to help after 5 weeks but no long then 8 weeks of ship date. We want to keep our wholesalers replenished with new stock. 

***Store credit can only be used on Retail purchases through the website or on the Comment Sold App. That does not include Live Sales, due the nature that they are heavily discount items already. 


We hope this helps answer any initial questions you might have. If you have any further questions or would like to place an order simply message us here on Facebook or give us a call!!

A phone call to (307) 480-0301 is typically the easiest way to get in touch with me.

*** Please note that I am the ONLY ones answering questions via comments and messages on Facebook, texts, emails and phone calls!! PLEASE be patient with us and if we don’t get back to you within 48 hours, please contact me again. We am NOT ignoring anyone, but it is easy to overlook things with all the inquiries we are getting.
We look forward to helping you create your very own authentic cowhide collection!!