Soaring Eagle Star Quilt Wild Rag

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The Soaring Eagle Star Quilt wild rag holds a special place in my heart. Growing up in South Dakota it was an honor to get a Start Quilt. Built similarly to a real quilt, each piece was placed together like a puzzle with varying shades to give it that "quilt" feel.

Perfect for 4th of July and anything Americana, but this scarf is perfect for any event. Of course it had to pass my "goes with denim" test, but looks great with white shirts, light blues, navy, golds and turquoise.

  • SIZE: 26"x 26" (The Shorty) 
  • FABRIC: 100% 12mm Twill Silk
  • COLOR: Blues, reds, white, turquoise and gold
  • CARE SUGGESTION: Dry clean preferred. Iron on silk setting or use steamer.
  • 1"x1" Fringe logo on center edge

Tips: Just tie it on! This scarf looks great in your hair and tied to your handbag. Also great on the wrist, neck or ankle.

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