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Many of you know us for our hand-crafted cowhide handbags, but what many of you don't know is that our owner, worked his way up the ladder specializing women apparel. He's pretty much a fashionista.

Our online boutique is a strong choice for women of the western lifestyle and we know what you ladies want.

As you know, the women's fashion styles is highly diverse and changes from season to season. If you want be styling with the rest of them, let us help. Our brand is based around quality and passion with a wide selection from conservative to edgy new looks. it is our pleasure to keep up to date on the newest trends and provide you with our research and results by giving you the top new looks all in one location.

Whether you are a Punchy Ranch Wife to a Dolly Parton Classic, we sure that you have found the right place to shop.

We are not just about cowgirl boots and spring dresses. We have what women really wearing both on the Open Prairie to Vegas Strip during NFR. In addition to our entire line of apparel we can get you that perfect handbag to complete your outfit.

So start shopping and let's get you "On Point." 

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